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Our Clinics
The Dunham Health Care Network covers an extensive portion of Pennsylvania including the Dunham U.S. Army Health Clinic and the Army Wellness Center located at Carlisle Barracks, the Fillmore U.S. Army Health Clinic located at the Defense Distribution Center in New Cumberland, an Occupational Health Clinic located on the Letterkenny U.S. Army Depot in Chambersburg and a Troop Medical Clinic located at the National Guard Training Center at Fort Indiantown Gap. The network serves over 11,500 Active Duty, Reserve, National Guard, Retiree and Family Member beneficiaries.
Below is a list of phone numbers that may be of help to you. We hope you enjoy your stay here and encourage you to provide feedback on our performance to our Patient Representative, at 717-245-3933.
Dunham US Army Health Clinic at Carlisle Barracks
     Call (717) 245-3400
     FAX (877) 846-6967
Fillmore US Army Health Clinic at New Cumberland
     Call (717) 770-7281
     FAX (717) 770-8484
Letterkenny OH Clinic
     Call (717) 267-8416
     FAX (717) 267-5365
Fort Indiantown Gap Troop Medical Clinic
     Call (717) 861-2091
     FAX (717) 861-2429