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Pastoral Care



Welcome to the U.S. Army War College Memorial Chapel! While your time here may feel more like a deployment than a PCS, we hope this will be a time for you and your family to “put down roots” so that you leave here richer, stronger, and ready for the next chapter in life.
Life consists of many elements, some tangible and some intangible. The social and spiritual dimensions of the human experience can serve as a source of great challenge and great reward. While the chapel community cannot offer everything, I believe we have the ability to offer the right thing for you and your family. Our members get what it means to have to come in quickly, establish healthy relationships, and then have to move again. To that end, we believe in the importance of both a solid relationship with God and reliable relationships with others.
We invite you to join us in building and maintaining "koinonia", a fellowship based on and strengthened by faith, through worship, sacraments, religious education, youth programs, and various fellowship programs.
Consider this a time to review past chapters in life, make sense of our life story, and build plans for the future of our relationships within in the family. Our two garrison chaplains are trained Family Life Chaplains, who have worked extensively with Soldiers and Family members to gain understanding and insight for their lives. Unlike other resources, chaplains are not mandated reporters and offer a place of true confidentiality in order to provide a safe place where you can make sense of life. We invite you to join us in the year ahead. May God bless you and your time here at Carlisle Barracks.

CH (COL) Jerry C. Sieg
Garrison Chaplain