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Patient Administrations

Scope of Service:

- Custodianship of Outpatient Records
- Medical Records Auditing
- 3rd Party Collections/Billing
- Released of Medical Information/Correspondence
- Medical Evaluation Boards
- Patient Eligibility
- Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act (HIPAA)
- Request of Medical Records
- To fax pertinent information to referring providers and other medical treatment facilities as required.
- Medication Release Form
The Medical Records Office is the first stop during in-processing and is responsible for maintaining, tracking, and safeguarding all records for patients using Dunham as their primary care facility. Personnel assigned to the section ensure that every medical record is maintained in order as prescribed by AR 40-66 and is readily available for the health care provider. The medical record is the property of the US Government and must be maintained by the military treatment facility from which you receive your primary care.
In 2004 medical facility Commanders were directed to implement changes to ensure the ability to retrieve documentation of care provided to every patient. To comply with this directive, we “closed” the medical record system effective 1 April 2004. Patients are no longer permitted to sign out their personal medical record or the records of any of their family members.
DD 877 FORM found here (  is needed for the following:
Ø  New to Dunham
Ø  Moving to a new duty station
DD 2870 FORM found here ( is needed for the following:
Ø  Request Copies of Medical Records
Ø  (RECOMMENDED) Request Copies of Medical Records on CD or Secure Email SAFE ( )
Ø  Request Medical Information sent to other Medical Facilities
Ø  To be able to pick medical information (i.e lab work, prescriptions, etc...) for spouse or children over the age of 18.
Normal processing time is 30 working days or less.
Those requesting to pick up medical information for beneficiaries over the age of 18, married and/or pregnant, or high school graduates will be required to present a completed DD Form 2870, Authorization for Disclosure of Medical or Dental Information, which can be printed from here or can be obtained at the Medical Records Office or Clinic’s Information Desk. This is to ensure we maintain compliance with the requirements set forth under the current regulation AR 40-66.
Frequently Asked Questions
1.  Can I pick up my spouse's medical records? Anyone over the age of 18 must sign for their own medical records.
2.  How do I get my medical records from my last duty assignment?
We can request your records from your last duty assignment with a signed consent form.
3.  Can I take my medical records with me when I retire or ETS?
No. You can, however, request a copy of all your medical records.
Contact Information​​
Chief of PAD - 717-245-4591
Release of Information – 717-245-3117


Mon - Wed, Fri: 0730 to 1630
1st Thu: 0730 to 1630
2nd Thu: 0730 to Noon
3rd Thu: 0730 to 1630
4th Thu: 0730 to Noon
5th Thu: 0730 to 1630 (if there is one)
450 Gibner Rd
Carlisle Barracks, PA 17013