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Patient Advocate


There are several ways to bring Command attention to an issue, whether it is positive, negative, or just a suggestion.  If it is negative, we will work with you to help either fix the problem or to better improve communication between the clinic and our customers.
Within the Dunham clinic, at the Check Out desk, are the Commander's Suggestion/Comment forms. These can be filled out manually and dropped in the box.  These boxes are checked several times a week.
Online, an Interactive Customer Evaluation (or ICE) comment will directly notify the Commander of the any issue (good or bad) that you want attention on.  ICE comments can be completed HERE.
If you wish to speak with someone directly, please contact our Patient Advocate by phone at (717) 245-3933 or through email at, or ask for CPT Workman at either the Check-in or Check-out desks.